[Hot Three News] Osaka Korean Film Festival / MEET-K 2021 IN SAKURA TOWN / K-Pop Cover Dance Festival in US


[Hot Three News] Osaka Korean Film Festival / MEET-K 2021 IN SAKURA TOWN / K-Pop Cover Dance Festiva…

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Hello everyone. It’s Elly again from <Hot Three News> 

I am going to introduce you the festivals related to K-culture that are held overseas.

#. VCR1 – 오사카 한국 영화제 26일 개막 

The ‘Osaka Korean Film Festival’, which celebrates its 7th anniversary this year, will be held for three days from the 26th to the 28th.

This film festival introduces films that are unknown to Japan but are considered as well-made films in Korea. This year, the five unpublished works in Japan will be introduced.

The first of the five works is ‘Abby Gyu-Hwan’ where Krystal, Jang Hye-jin, and Choi Deok-moon starring and released last year. It's a fun yet instructive film that makes you think about family relationships. 

In addition, ‘Shining Moment’ where Go Doo-shim and Ji Hyun-woo are in, will also be screened.

It is a work depicting the story of two people who met while filming a documentary broadcast of a Jeju haenyeo.

It can be said that it is a film that introduces Jeju Island's proud haenyeo to Japan.

In addition, Jung Ae-Hwa and Jang Yoo starring in ‘The Seagull’, Ahn Sung-Ki and Yun Yu-Seon starring in ‘In the Name of the Son’ and Um Hye-Ran and Kim Si-Eun starring in the ‘Light and Iron’ will be released for the first time in Japan through this festival.

I hope that more Korean films will be known in Japan through the ‘Osaka Korean Film Festival’.

#. VCR2 – 일본 사이타마에서 열린 한류축제

You can enjoy Korean webtoons, dramas, food, cosmetics, etc. in one place.

‘MEET-K 2021 IN SAKURA TOWN’ was held in Saitama, Japan.

First, the webtoon ‘Goddess Advent’ reading through the voices of top-class Japanese voice actors and free screenings of the webtoon original drama ‘Goddess Advent’, ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ and ‘Love Revolution’ were held.

Also, the dance performances by K-pop dancers were held on the outdoor stage. In the central plaza, there were also a food court where you could enjoy Korean food such as seasoned chicken, tteokbokki, and gimbap.

That’s not all they had. You could also experience making dalgona just like in the 'squid game', which was a hot topic these days in the festival. They said that they were able to experience Korean dramas through the coffee sticks, which appeared frequently in K-dramas.

Japanese Hanryu fans who participated in ‘MEET-K 2021 IN SAKURA TOWN’ commented that "It was  much better event” than they had expected, also that “It was satisfying and fun.”

Some of the fans said that they had so much fun because they were able to do all the various experiences they wanted to try while watching the drama. They also enjoyed having the Korean food they wanted to try during the event. 

Glad they enjoyed the festival. I hope to more people can experience Hanryu after all. 

#. VCR3 – 미국 샌디에이고에서 열린 K팝 페스티벌

The K-Pop Cover Dance Festival was held in Balboa Park in US.


According to one of the American media 'Sandiego Union Tribune', the scene was warmly received by K-pop fans and the audiences. It is consisted of a total of 10 performances, from teams to individuals gathered from all over the United States.

Sandiego Union Tribune said, “People who gathered in the park were able to experience the popular Korean traditional games as in the ‘Squid Game’.” It reported that various games were held, from ‘The Flower of Mugunghwa has bloomed’ to ‘Ttakji-chigi’.

On a large outdoor stage at the San Diego Organ Pavilion, K-pop idol P1 Harmony performed a celebrating performance with the judges. Furthermore, the Korean traditional performances and the B-boy performances were also held during the festival. 

The love for K-pop will never fade even during the Covid-19 pandemic circumstances. How amazing! 

That’s all for <Hot Three News>.  See you next week! 

Anchor : Elly Jahng

Editing : Lee Taehoon

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